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Thursday, October 17, 2019

A little hook moving, this time with thread.

Hello one & all dearies...

What's news with you? What's on our Agenda for today? 

Fall has arrived in all it's glory, yesterday and today we have Autumn skies, the coolness in the air, and some needed rain. It's comfy time. We close out the neighborhood noises, settle into to longer,cooler days. 
Some hook moving on the thread crochet rose medallion mandala yesterday, and today a little more. It will be done soon. It has been an easy and enjoying pattern. Not overly complicated. Those of you who crochet know what I mean.  Not alot of thinking, or excessive stitches, and yet it is a lovely pattern, using stash, only 1 new color was required. 

The change from yarn to crochet thread is a nice change. I think thread is my first love. I like yarn things too, but have not worked with thread in a long time. Once my eyes adjust to the hook and thread size. 

Happy little pumpkins.


  1. Yes, I've always found it difficult to go from yarn to thread and the much smaller hook. You're making me want to crochet; let me finish this baby quilt first. :)

  2. Your crochet potholders up on the right top of your blog are beautiful. All your crochet work is too; both with threads and yarn. Sounds like you are having a good weather day. After our blizzard...we are back to some warmer weather, the snow has almost all melted and we are seeing grass again. We had 7 inches of snow fall on that last storm.

  3. We haven't been near a pumpkin selling place yet. And it is time!

    We are having the rain/wind here. And many of our lovely Autumn leaves, will be gone. Glad I noticed them, while they were here.

    Enjoy your Autumn!!!! It is a beautiful time of year.


  4. I enjoy your comments, I really look forward, and appreciate that you take time from your day to visit with me. I thank you very much. And will be visiting with you and leaving my calling card.

  5. I admire people who can work with thread; it's just not my forte!
    Your latest creation looks beautiful, Faith. Enjoy your Autumn weather. We are in the middle of Spring here but it is still rather chilly (I like it, though).
    Take care.


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