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Monday, October 28, 2019

Tinkering with yarn,making something pretty

Been moving the hook, making progress on the crochet cowl for my husband.
I mentioned in the last posting that  I was using cake yarn for the first time. I've seen it around for some time, and I guess I thought it was just variegated yarn. 

It is variegated in that it has multiple colors to the skein, however it is the placement on the strand which I believe makes it different than "variegated". 

I'm am using DK Colors, it is a 3 weight yarn, something else which is new to me, normally I work with the 4 weight yarn, my preference is Caron Simply Soft, and I also like Soft Secret by Hobby Lobby, respectively.

Review of the DK Colors:
383 yards/350m, 5oz/140 grams
Color Nimbus

Premier DK Colors Yarn | Nimbus | 5 oz | 100% Acrylic
 I am using a size 4.0 mm F hook, which is what the yarn calls for. 
I've got about 3 rows of the pattern done, the color changes are subtle, and line up, they are not random hodge podge colors within the pattern, which is what I was looking for.  

So far, I am pleased with the yarn, it is soft, and the advantage of the cake roll is that it doesn't roll all over, and sit nice and flat on the table while I'm crocheting. 

I've not yet run into any snags or knots. One thing..which occured to me quite by accident. They are not all wound the same, so the center of one may a different color than another skein. I purchased two skeins. One had gray in the center, and the other was the lighter blue gray. So I had an option of which color to begin with.

Here is what this looks like so far, after I've been through a few colors.  
This isn't actually what I've wound up, I changed up the pattern, and re made it. This was the first skein, it began with the shades of  blue, I had crocheted it flat. 

I don't have a picture yet of the one I'm almost done with. I did crochet that in the round, using this same stitch.  

Saturday, October 26, 2019

How do you learn a new skill? How about Crochet?

When you learn something new, are you a visual, learn by doing, or do you read how to do it? I would say that I am a combination of the first two. I prefer to watch first, then do. Reading, not so much, I  find I must read it over and over. 

I've had some folks comment about crochet. Some of you already know how, some of you know basic stitches and a little more, ( my catagory) and some of you are expert crochet and very experienced in a variety of stitch combinations. We are all at different places, it is the beauty of the craft. 
The foundation chain ( CH) is probably the most important stitch you will need to know if you want to crochet anything. Everything begins with a foundation, the (ch) st is the beginning of it all.

In the video below, you will learn how to do this most basic stitch (st). I have watched a few of the videos from New Stitch  A Day, I find them easy to follow, and I'm one of the people who like voices, and I find his to be soothing and calm. Yes, this is taught by a man. Very easy going, slow, and easy to follow. The nice thing about video is that you can stop it, replay and learn on your own time.   

If you've considered learning to crochet,  you begin with the first stitch. So get you some yarn, and a hook, watch and practice. It really is not hard at all, and you will have countless hours of joy and relaxation from moving the hook.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Tinkering with yarn, making something pretty

 OK..all you gals my age remember Tom Jones....
MY MY MY.......... Medallion Doily.....
Do you remember the song?
MY MY MY........?

Hee Hee a little Tom Jones lingo there!

I have no idea where the idea of TJ came from....Oh well we'll roll with it anyway.

Well this worked up so quickly. 
I had just enough stash, it's quite colorful no?
I found hoop at Micheals, I think that I will display it as a wall decoration. 
Because of the center rose, it cannot be displayed from the back side, not as pretty.
I don't want to go haywire and make a thousand of them. But it was a nice simple joy to move my hook and use crochet thread, rather than yarn.

Do any of you shop at AC Moore? 
They don't carry crochet thread??????????
What is that all about?
Well, maybe it's good, as then I'll use what I have before I buy one more. I have a pretty nice selection maybe about 10 skeins,it really is enough to make just about anything with.
I enjoy working with the thread. And will for a time...and then the yarn will come back out, and the bigger hook and give my eyes a rest.

I think we are going the hoop way....the hoop is silver metal, and so. I'll get some white of preferably off white spray paint, it will make a better finished product. When that part is done. I will afix the doily to the hoop. 

Have a wonderful day!

Could be a better picture...I'll show and tell again when it's all done. 

Thursday, October 17, 2019

A little hook moving, this time with thread.

Hello one & all dearies...

What's news with you? What's on our Agenda for today? 

Fall has arrived in all it's glory, yesterday and today we have Autumn skies, the coolness in the air, and some needed rain. It's comfy time. We close out the neighborhood noises, settle into to longer,cooler days. 
Some hook moving on the thread crochet rose medallion mandala yesterday, and today a little more. It will be done soon. It has been an easy and enjoying pattern. Not overly complicated. Those of you who crochet know what I mean.  Not alot of thinking, or excessive stitches, and yet it is a lovely pattern, using stash, only 1 new color was required. 

The change from yarn to crochet thread is a nice change. I think thread is my first love. I like yarn things too, but have not worked with thread in a long time. Once my eyes adjust to the hook and thread size. 

Happy little pumpkins.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Crochet is on the mind, and also on the hook

 I love deliveries...
Today...a new vacuum, no more aerobic exercise to clean up the house :)  The vacuum I currently have never worked right from the get go...I hope we have better luck with this one...and as luck would have it, in my color Burgundy.Simple Joy....
  I hear the mailman right back.
Tomorrow...shades of pink crochet thread should arrive. It came from state over, and 7 days later...go figure. I ordered the vacuum after the thread. But anyway...I love deliveries.... I can get to working on the crochet mandala...
Did I ever show you the cross my heart shawl I had made last year? I've started another with a different pattern, it's offset shells ( one of my favorites). This one pictured is done in a fan pattern. 

I so enjoy making these. The pattern can be found here
J's knit and purl jam. Oh J does lovely work both knitting and crocheting. Stop over and see for yourself.  Miss J is a joy, I enjoy visiting with her in her beautiful craft room.

Friday, October 11, 2019

BLOG FOG & moving the hook slightly


Oh for heavens sake, I'm in a blog fog. I've been visiting around with you ladies, keeping current. 

I've been enjoying the "fall like" weather, we've had beautiful days and nights here in NE Ohio. I did manage to get some garlic planted before the freeze date. I hope Earl that Squirrel and his kin don't dig it up. They've been very busy....I wonder if that is a sign about the weather to come.
I tried to get crafty with some yarn, but wasn't feeling it. I hauled out some crochet thread out of the mobile craft room ( the tub), I have not worked with thread in some time. And I did pick up 2 cakes of DK Colors in the color of Tulip
 Image result for dk colors tuliip 
It's pretty, but for now no idea what I will make with it. I started a cross your heart shawl in Heather, just not feeling it for now. I'll get back to it.  I know I'm way behind the curve, but I've become
interested in Crochet Mandalas. I've learned that Mandala's are the new doily.

I still admire and love the original doilies, however the Mandala's are lovely in their own way,
are loaded with color and sometimes texture, the web is full of ideas. I found one, which I liked, and had seen when it originally came out, but I wasn't ready to make it then, created by a blogger friend of long ago, I have followed her, and made several of her patterns. The header of the Thanksgiving Angel was created by Elizabeth White of Bella Crochet

Image result for bella crochet rose medallion mandala doily 

Isn't this pretty. I have a fondness of the Crochet Rose in the center of doilies. I'm working on this doily now, from my stash, although I did order some shaded pink variegated crochet thread from

I have 3 craft stores near my home, not included Walmart. None of these had the color I was looking for. So I ordered it online. I rather like ordering online, and having things delivered to the house. Rather than running from one store to the next in search of.... What I spend in shipping, I will have wasted in gas, time, and energy. Easy peasy. 

That is my story...I'm sticking to it!
Have a good weekend.