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Friday, September 20, 2019

 I've not said it often enough, but
Thank you for taking time to visit here with me,
and leave your calling card.
It always make me smile when I hear from you.
I do appreciate your well wishes, and your visits.
Thank you!

Well, a little organization was done this week.
That bathroom closet...oh my. 
I guess I just got tired of things falling out and hitting my foot.
It looks so much better now, 
things were tossed. ( many things)
How long I wonder will it stay that way.? hmmmm?

On to the next....oh, I have no list. These are my when I feel like irksome tasks. Cleaned the bathroom while I'm at it. Oh it needs an overhaul, everything. On the fix & repair list, on the list. 

Feel better when I get things done. What's left for today is dishes, supper and more dishes. Pick one child up drop another off. 

Did I do everything? No, but I got something accomplished. Energy left over to get what I must do
I'd like to crochet something, the old hook has been silent, since I made the gingham table runner. I found some yarn I like at Walmart online for a good price, but have made nothing.  The squirrels are busy these days burying the winter bounty. They are busy all day doing that, cute little packrats.

I washed the afghans and the winter wrap I made last year for the really cold days. It's nice today, they are outside enjoying some sun shine. 

I couldn't take the hip pain any more, so I ordered Relief Factor. I must admit, the pain is gone and I feel like moving more. I'll continue with the  subscription. It's all natural, organic ingredients and it took care of that pain, which kept me from sleeping. It works on the inflammation. 

Well, let's see what else I can get into 😁


  1. Busy, busy, busy just like the little squirrels! I had a day like that yesterday (ooof, didn't sleep well as I think I may have overdone it just a titch) while changing the summer decorations in the house to the fall ones. Now that everything is in place (kinda sorta --- I know I'll change a couple of things), I do a deep cleaning. I think it's the time of year for cleaning, sorting and organizing areas . . . like bathroom closets!

  2. What a beautiful picture the afghans make with fallen leaves all around.

  3. Good morning, Faith! I'm beginning to take more than one day to do my cleaning so I don't get so tired. Of course the outdoor work has to be done every day. I was going to work in the yard this morning but it started to sprinkle and I didn't want to scare off any rain that might come our way. :)

  4. If we get done, what we really wanted to, that's great.

    If we didn't, that's cool too. There is always tomorrow.

    I know, this doesn't work, for all things.

    It's just that I don't like to hear ladies moan about not getting this done, or that done, or the other thing. Like they are failing somehow.

    We each have our amount of "Do-Ability"... To try to go beyond that, is folly. No matter what "they say we should do."

    :-) Rant over. :-)


  5. I just know that those afghans hanging out in the fresh air will smell wonderfully when you bring them in. Some chores are much more rewarding to do than others!
    I must look up this "Relief Factor" because my DH often has various pains.

  6. Autumn seems to be the tie of year for sorting out cupboards and repairs before the Winter months. A joy to see the blankets out on the line getting a good airing all ready for those cooler days.

  7. Sept. 21st

    Thank you so much, for your comment, on my post!!!

    It is so nice, to know, that I will not be *shunned,* if I have blog fun, with Halloween!

    Thank you!


  8. I left a comment yesterday but somehow it didn't go through.
    I was saying how wonderfully fresh those afghans will smell when you bring them indoors.

  9. Mama Pea,
    There is something about getting things in order in the fall, the days being shorter, a good time to organize and do inside jobs.

  10. Dear Ladies, you are so kind. Arn't things dried on the line just the best? It's such a simple joy. I thank you all for your comments. I don't put to much on the plate anymore, I move about smartly, knowing when is enough, and tomorrow is another day filled with opportunity to get things done. Long gone are the days when everything has to be done in one day. Like Rome chores are not meant to be done in one day. Too much pressure for me. Keep it simple, keep it real.


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