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Monday, August 19, 2019

I like the look of Gingham in any form

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Pattern Here

In the far off but not to far, I hear another rumble of thunder. We've had 3 pretty decent rain showers fall this afternoon, wave after wave. Everything has been freshened up and perked up. 
Me, I've been fiddeling around with crochet and yarn. Can't get it just right, and keep trying. 
Have you ever heard of Tapestry Crochet?
You work with 2 colors at a time, and you carry the one your not using for that particular square along the top and crochet over it. 

I'm not sure what I will use this for, maybe a fall table runner, I'd like to use as much of the 3  3oz skeins as possible before calling it a day. I would like to put a border around it with the multi color.This is all done in basic  (sc). Single Crochet.
Lots of rain showers and thunderboomer the last 2 days, although it has not cooled off,
ever so humid.  


  1. I like the little crocheted piece! I had always wondered how a person worked with two colors. I guess I'm never too old to learn something. :) We've had very little rain the entire month of August. The hot weather has been a real worry for us, having big chickens. But, they're going out today; now we can go to the hay fields without worrying about chickens.

  2. That is very pretty! I had never heard of it before.

  3. Dianna and Lil Red Hen, thank you for stopping over. We've had multiple thundershowers over the last few days, it's been lovely. You have lovely yard burds..the poor things, so hot, hopefully the rain cooled down the ground for them and they can find some good snacks.

  4. You are doing a great job on your crochet. I love the pattern. How neat to learn how they carry the threads through the crochet stitches. I always wondered. Otherwise it would be so many starts and stops!

  5. Tapestry crochet sounds quite complicated. I like the effect of the different squares. I like gingham too. Once when my girls were little I took a sewing course and sewed them pale green gingham dresses. They were cute. Unfortunately I could only sew well in class, at home...not so well.

  6. We have gotten some storms here too, and I am so thankful for the rain. It's a bit humid too. Love the crochet pattern too.


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