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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Steaming...not from the weather

Oh, I'm not complaining about the weather we are having, it is beautiful summertime, perfect in every respect, warm and pleasant during the day, and beautious for sleeping at night. If I could order weather to my liking this would be the ticket. 

Steaming the crochet shell/scarf on my wee tabletop iron board. She looks much prettier steamed. I was concerned she wasn't long enough and it was all bunched up while I was working on it. I started it I don't know how many times, changed colors, changed hooks. And eventually settled in to the color, and hook size I would normally used for a project such as this. My old reliable G. 
I crochet on the looser side , to go up a size or even two in hooks, the work looks sloppy.

Crochet Lace shawl/scarf

Pondering what will be next on the hook. 
thinking fall, pumpkins, doily,wreaths hmmm. I don't have a fall crochet table doily, maybe something with a pumpkin. I have a pattern for stacked pumpkins made out of crochet thread, and you put mini lights in it. I'll have to dig that out. I'm sure I have lots of Orange thread from the last pattern. 

Look how cute these are I love me some punkins!💛
Wouldn't these be ever so done in a tan/brownish, they would look like grapevine wreaths?
I have both colors, but for now I'll see how my punkin orange lasts.

These are created by Joyce Geisler and pattern can be found on Ravlery.
Here is her blog addy: to see all  the goodies.
 Farmers Wife Crochet
 Lighted pumpkin sculpture


  1. Those pumpkins are cute. I am trying to finish up bracelets right now.

  2. Love your shawl I am a great fan of that colour. I also love the pumpkins they are so much fun.

  3. Our weather is purrrrrfect tooooo!!!! Sunny and warm days, and cooler nights, great for sleeping. -happpy sigh- If we could "bottle it," it would be lovely.

    Ahhhh you were "steaming" a creation!!!! When I read "Steamed" in your Post Title, I thought of "getting your panties in a twist," over something!!! -grin-

    I do this! Too much! So I totally understand another person, doing it.

    But I'm glad your "steam" was directed at your crochet shell/scarf! Much more relaxing, than the "other" kind.

    ✨ 💛 ✨

  4. Oh I can get my panties in a twist, do it all the time. :) I thought that it may be taken that way, but left it anyway. Somebody thought I was going off about something or other...I do it on occasion when I feel strongly about something. I try not to do it on my blog. But have.

  5. It's not too soon to be thinking of Fall and your idea for an autumn table doily and also those cute pumpkins...all great projects for a talented crocheter ( is that even a word?)

  6. The color of your shawl and the stitches are wonderful. How fun to see the pumpkins too. Yes, it's never too early to be thinking of Fall projects. Happy crocheting!


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