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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Simple Joys & Crochet Update

The bottomless clothes basket...😒
even in here I can find something joyful, ( sometimes) today it was cloth napkins. 
I don't have alot of them, they are good to have around when we want a more elegant table for holidays, or when the papers ones just won't do the job. 

I enjoy folding small things, like when the boys were small, folding their small little clothes neatly, or pairing their wee tiny socks...a simple joy. Napkins are like that for me. 

As I folded this one, I remembered where I had bought it,and how the pattern did then as now make me feel. There is something just ever so sweet about the patchwork of the mixed patterns and complimentary colors.It just brings me such joy, anytime I find anything like this. 
A little wrinkly, but still pretty. I got these at Old Time Pottery some years ago. 

Lovely Patchwork Cloth Napkins 

The shawl/scarf in my lovely Rosebud (now sadly discontinued )😢 

That's it for today, it's hot again, had some rain...still hot.


  1. That is a pretty napkin. I too enjoy folding small things. We used to use cloth napkins all the time and I bought lots of them at thrift stores. Napkins are fun to iron too. I love that rose color. It's beautiful!

  2. I like to iron, I don't do to much anymore. But it makes things nice and crisp, hankies, napkins and a sharp crease in my sons Eagle Scout Uniform. Looks sharp. Thank you for stopping.

  3. Beautiful napkin. I like to use cloth napkins all the time and have many to cover the holidays and seasons, such fun.

  4. Beautiful.

  5. I love using cloth napkins; yours is so very pretty. I am okay with ironing. Sad to hear they discontinued your color of yarn that you so love. My husband and I feel like everything we truly love seems to discontinue. Hope you have enough yarn to finish your lovely shawl. It's looking quite pretty so far.

  6. oh I loooove that patchwork! I've had this patchwork blanket that looks like the one on your picture for 15 years and I'm still using it! so lovely ^^

  7. I know exactly what you mean..........I was going through some things the other day and went through our children's box of baby clothes........each piece so tiny and sweet. We use cloth napkins for each meal.
    I love cloth napkins, and started using "towel napkins" when our children were toddlers because the paper napkins did not help clean a toddler with food all over their hands and face.
    Now our children are grown..........but cloth napkins at our table is just "normal" for us. I do use extra pretty ones on our holiday table.
    How pretty your scarf is looking! Cant wait to see when you finish it!

  8. Going through the baby boxes? I would need a cloth napkin for that, tissues wouldn't do. It makes me sad. Thank you for stopping over I do appreciate it.


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