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Friday, June 28, 2019

Tinkering with yarn, making pretty things

Howdy Do?

Here it is almost the weekend again 😃 that means we are going to the farmers market, out in the country.....can't wait. Getting out of old citified Dodge, and out where the earth touches the sky, the sweet smell of the wildflowers and hay, and where birds of a different kind have a new song in their step.

I know that we want to purchase some honey, there is a lady there who manages bees, and sells honey. We like the Cinnamon honey. She also has raw honey, and combs. So good, and so good for you. 💛 I wonder if the lady with the herb plants will be there?  

In a few weeks will be Scout summer camp, and I'll have the run of the place, and I'll make the beeswax candles. That week frees me up a bit, and takes me out of my usual routine. By the time the week passes I'll want them to come home....won't I ?   Well I always do I suppose. It's good to get back into a routine, I can't be a slacker every day hmmmm?

I made this crochet piece some time ago, I use it mainly in the kitchen, and it was made with itty bits, scraps of yarn.

Yesterday we were at the "W", and I found a round tablecloth, I'm always looking for round ones, never having much luck. I didn't want a vinyl one, but one of cloth. I came across the Pioneer Woman section and find this lovely.

 I actually have a little lunch tote to carry my water and snacks in when I'm out and about, with the very same patter. Who knew they would match so nicely, it wasn't planned. If I had been looking for something to match....I'd still be looking..sometimes it's best to let go....and wait for the magic. 

I'm working on a summer shawl/scarf. If you've been around for a while here at my place you know I like and follow J's knit and purl jam. And she is currently working on this pattern. I have one skein of this color, I believe it is biscuit by Yarn bee secret soft/Hobby Lobby. I may need 1 more skein, we'll see how this shakes out.

J's knit & purl jam for a tutorial on how to make it.

Remember the Holy Basil?  With the exception of one sprig it is dead. I transplanted it to a clay pot, and noticed the root system is very young, the plants were leggy, not much root. I planted what was  left of it outside. I kept one little sprig which I thought had a chance, put it in water and it is sprouting a new set of leaves, and the roots are getting longer, so I am hopeful I have saved it.  It has grown 2 new leaves, which are growing daily.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Happy Monday

Welcome In!

My "little" yard birds

Hope your weekend was enjoyed the way you intended it to be.

We started off early for Amish country, cooler in the back as is our usual protocol. 

For as pretty as a day it was, I don't think I've ever seen it so pleasant to get around, except when the weather is cold. No traffic jams, no lines, not even alot of people milling about the small town of Berlin. We stopped for lunch, hit the antique mall, and then Walnut Creek Store. I like to buy the bulk spices, and while they have everything you can think of...I stick to the same, that's what I use. 
Garlic powder, coarse black pepper, peppercorns, chilli powder, basil and cumin, and yeast.  Fresh local strawberries, for strawberry shortcake, I used a wee bit of the Lemon Verbena sugar to sweeten them up a bit. It's always so nice to get away from suburbia....the problem is....we have to come back. oh bother ! 

No big finds or surprise items this time, but I did find this little gem. Now that I can make biscuits like nobody's business, I got an official "antique" biscuit cutter, I've been using a glass which works fine...but you know what "THEY" whoever they are say....the right tool for the right job.. So I got a little trinket.

 My "new" lovely vintage biscuit  cutter 

It was warm and balmy with a nice breeze, "THEY" again....predicted 80% rain for the area, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Later in the evening, we did get some rain, and some rumbles of thunder which continued all night long...a nice gentle rain, my little potted sweeties got a nice drink.
When we got home, my little Holy Basil plant had arrived.😊 DH had some training this morning on a vehicle, he is a driver for the VA. So when he gets home we'll have some fresh biscuits, eggs and bacon. Looks like more rain...   

We have a momma Robin and her baby, they visit every day. I love to watch them, they are here now, baby stays close to momma, and learns how to find food. The first few days, the little still had it's downy spotted feathers, momma would leave her for a while, and the babe would just stand there and call out for her.  Today, they shared a nice meal, and momma flew off, the little one just continued to find food and move about. God put the natural instinct of caring for young in all creatures..