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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

whispers of a new crochet project

Hello and Howdy do!

There is a rumor that tomorrow will be in the 70's, after 2 days of rain and 40's, I hope it's not a rumor. Sometimes I am in the right place at the right time, more often I am not. I am old school, I still like paper magazines, and books that you can turn the pages. I like to purview all the magazines at the grocery store, I have a few that I like to look for and sometimes I buy them. This time, I found one and for a crocheter of thread hit a jackpot. I had no idea this magazine even existed, it is the first time I ever saw it. I wonder if they have a subscription for just this magazine? There were no cards inside like you see with other magazines. And it is full of content not ads, how refreshing is that?

It is by Crochet World
Image result for fun with color in thread 
I do not "usually" purchase crochet magazines, but I've never seen one for thread and so this was a simple joy and snapped it up. I saw something in there which caught my eye.

It is a collapsable tote, I had to find the rings, I went to JoAnns today and picked up 2, they were $4.99, but they were 50% no coupon, they had alot of sales, but I bought what I went for. I have plenty enough of crochet thread.  If it goes well, and I have no reason to doubt it won't, maybe I'll make a few more and sell them at the local farmers market. I learned a new stitch today, one I had never heard of before.
It is called a linked dbl stitch, I had to look it up on You Tube for a video to get it down, I guess I am a visual learner, it isn't a hard stitch, it's much like a DC only more durable.
Guess you can teach an old dog a new trick! 


 I'm making this first one with a aqua thread, and a varigated thread with blues,aqua,yellow and pinks brand spanking new never used. This is made double stranded, it should be good and sturdy. I especially like the little flower on the side.

Have a beauty.....


  1. I can't start any new projects right now. Too much going on in the month of May. But, hopefully sometime this summer I will give a try at some hand crochet trim for some of my linens? I also would love to be able to crochet some pretty hot pads too someday. Best of luck with your go green shopping tote!

  2. So nice to learn a new stitch. I'm definitely a visual learner. Hope this all works out for you and that you can find an address to subscribe to the magazine.


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