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Friday, April 19, 2019

Happy Easter every bunny!

Girl feeding white rabbits jelly belly candy tin
A little flashback..
Raise your hand if you remember.....
white patten leather shoes, that made that special sound..
Wearing a special dress for Easter, with your white patten leather shoes and purse to match...
And who could forget the Easter hats, so pretty, but they had that elastic string around the chin.
Getting to wear your Easter finery the first school day after Easter, all the girls had the white paten leather shoes....and we all looked so pretty.
It was awesome being a girl in the 1960's,

It was/is fun being a girl/woman/lady, and dressing up for Holidays.  

Sweet memories!

I'll be busy in my kitchen today,making Paska Bread, boiling eggs, and getting things ready. Some things will go in the basket and be blessed at Church on Saturday for the basket blessing. 

 Image result for victorian easter basket



  1. Such sweet memories! Yes, we always had a new dress, new shoe's and a hat and purse to match. Families gathered together, easter egg hunts and always each child would receive an Easter basket filled with goodies. Have a good day in your kitchen. Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter Sunday!

  2. Yes, I remember. It was fun growing up in the 50's too. We always got new Easter outfits. I especially remember the year I got the little white hat with a pink ribbon, and the white gloves to go with my dress. Times have changed too much. Hope you have a beautiful Easter. Your new posts never show up on my list. I'm going to check and make sure you were added.

  3. I suppose my Easter Sundays were a bit different since I was a little girl in the 40s. I don't remember baskets nor special clothes, and our eggs were colored with Crayolas. But we were taught the true meaning of Easter and I'm thankful for my memories of the day.

  4. thank you for stopping over and leaving a comment. Your Easter as a little girl in the 40's, I'd love to hear more about it. My sister was born in 42, our Dad in the Pacific, WWII. Times were much different for her growing up than me in 57. Somehow I think that her times were much better, she knew the grandparents, families were closer, you made do with what you had, kept it simple. I hope you have a lovely Easter, and would love to hear about the sweetness of your time, and what made it special for you now as an adul

  5. Faith, if you can find this post, A Special Name, dated 3-29-2013, I wrote about my mother and her connection to Easter.

  6. Thank you all very much, I love reading your comments and connecting with you.

  7. yes, such sweet memories! You took us all back to a sweeter and more gentle time!

  8. Loved your memories and yes! they took me back to that sweet time!


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