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Monday, March 18, 2019 is coming isn't it?

 A little broomstick gal I made a number of years ago

She brings me such joy. 

Well, after weeks of looking around for somewhere to put the few patterns I designed, I couldn't find anything, Ravelry is free, and I have no idea whether or not I will design anything else, the end game for me was to sell a few and get some yarn/thread money. So I went back to Ravelry, cautiously and guarded, as my DH told me, there are good people and bad people everywhere, and sometimes where
you least expect them to be.  

I put my St. Patrick's decorations away, and put out the Easter things today. I don't have alot of things, and it's not overwhelming,just enough to show it's Springtime and Easter. Last year I crocheted with thread some Easter Eggs. I'll take a picture and post. 

Starting a new project, I'll have to check my yarn stash, otherwise it will be time for a 
yarn dash. Got a nice deal on a muslin doll at JoAnn's for 60% off, perfect for a door wreath, she works well with the Darlin little dress from the previous posting. 

Well, there is the fold, and I've a few dishes in the sink, and transporting my son to work....and............

I'll get to hook time....eventually

Till next time


  1. You are very talented with your crochet hook and threads. The little girl looks so sweet. We live in a very cold climate. So looking forward to some sunshine and warm enough weather to go outside and breathe in some fresh air.

  2. Thank you,been doing it along time time flys. I live in NE Ohio and spring is slow in coming this year, I hope when it gets here, it's a nice long spring,and all those beautiful flowers and trees. I see your new picture is showing YAY!

  3. Faith, your blog is so so pretty! I've just quickly looked back over your other post and for sure will have to come back to read more. Your crocheted things are beautiful. I have always wanted to know how to crochet. Maybe one of these days. Thank you for following my blog.


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