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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Good Morning Neighbors!

I'm enjoying a cuppa, and watching the birds and the acrobatic squirrel at the feeder this morning. He's very limber that Earl the Squirrel. But, alas today is a day when then they will forage for themselves. During the winter everyday, as we get closer to spring, there are other ways for them to gain sustanance. Tomorrow I will fill up the feeder. 
Couldn't sleep last night for some reason, so I was up folding clothes and did the dishes that I should have done after supper, but was so tired. We have a new craft store here in town, A.C. Moore. It is less than .5 from me, I've only been in it 3 times, and never bought anything. They have a nice selection of yarn, but....NO CROCHET THREAD!  😮 I was on a time schedule yesterday and so I made a quick stop at the local WMart, they didn't have much either, but I was able to secure 1 ball of Red Heart #10 Crochet Thread.
We have a Pat Catans (Darice) about 2 miles away, and a Micheals just about the same all different directions. They moved Micheals to a rather bad traffic area, I don't go. Pat Catans is closing because Micheals bought them out. JoAnn's, look like that will be my goto for my yarn goods, less than 4 miles away. 
I have grown tired of the yarn for now, and will move on to thread for a while. I don't have a pattern in particular in mind, trying to design something I think it will be a potholder. I love the vintage crochet potholders, especially the dress kind. I've made a few, also a few cottages.

 I still have the ongoing pattern design in flux at the moment, I think I mentioned it was not long enough, so I did some frogging ( rip it rip it), took it back to where I could add some length. I hope to have it finished up bythe fall and in my Ravelry store.

That'smy story, and I'm stickin to it. 

Enjoy your day !

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