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Friday, March 29, 2019

Crochet interlude and a finished quick project

Howdy Do!

Coffee/blog time, I've visited around the neighborhood and caught myself up on the doings around. I'd love to stop over your place, leave me a link.  Listening to the soft rain outside, and the birds are having a hay day out there, not to mention the ducks/geese I'm sure. The ground soft and a wee bit warmer for the mother Red Robins looking for sustenance. I guess they don't eat bird food/seeds I have not seen one at the feeder, they are ground feeders I suppose.   

After a cuppa or two, I'll begin my day, and get down to the busywork about the homestead here. Orders of the day
make the bed
take #1 son to work
make brownies for youngest long/tall son project Saturday
Crochet ( this can be thrown in anywhere and is not necessarily in order)
Moving about smartley I need to go through the camera and delete some photos, so we can take pictures of the Eagle project, I want to make sure I have enough space and fresh batteries.
( Don't have a smart phone, don't want one currently)
I have a flip gets the job done...  

I did finish up the door decoration,and now I'm wondering if I should put it somewhere in the house, it needs a certain something. I thought about a broomstick doll, I did buy a straw hat, it seems large in some ways. And I have that muslin doll I purchased at JoAnns for 60% off. I'm thinking that it will be to bulky between the doors with that. hmmmm.... 

It will evolve as all project do. I started this several times and couldn't get it how I wanted it, so I put it down and gave it a rest. 

It will eventually become a rosebyandby, each stitch taken patiently......

Well, here is the finished dress HOTH.

Rose Serenade Dress

You can find the details about the materials I used at the Ravelry,

Have a great weekend !

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