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Monday, March 25, 2019

Chit Chat over the clothesline stuff

Well Hello Again Neighbors!
I hope you had a pleasant weekend filled with the things which bring you the most joy ever !

One I have completed, it really is a pretty square, I love Victorian!
I ran across a crochet pattern some time ago, I even made a few of the squares and then never did anything more with them. I still havn't, but I was rekindled again by the pattern as I saw it on Ravelry once again. I thought I might share it with you. It is simple in its design, yet elegant in its statement I think. It is not a busy pattern, well I provide you with the link and see for yourself.

you can also find this at :

There are some lovely color combinations, and because the square is quite large, scrap yarn would work real nice for this too, and it seems like it could be a quick project. I like to crochet when we go on long car rides.

We went on a short road trip yesterday, it was a sunny beautiful blue filled sky kind of day. I  wanted to get a hurricane lamp. We took a drive about 1.5 hours away to Kidron Ohio to a place called

I'm going to try my hand at soap making! They had a very nice selection of  soap making oils, I chose the Rose scent, lovely. This is a no frill soap making adventure, you melt down the honey bar, add some rose and put it in the mold. I need to get a mold, and a saucepan to use just for the soap. We'll see how this works out..a keeper.

I like to try new things, some have been successful, and some not so much. Like the time I tried to make Mozzarella cheese. Oh boy EPIC Failure, we had a many a laugh about that and still do. Some of the things like the bread making worked out, and my pie crust has gotten much better over the years, another laughable moment, I make a pie for my then boyfriend, just the kind he wanted
chocolate meringue..oh boy....we laughed and laughed and I think I still have the bent fork from that night. Well, he became my husband, and now he gets the good pie crust,but it took a while

Well, I've got more yeast bubblin,today I am making Amish White Bread, a good stay in the house and bake up something it's only in the 30's, and we are out of bread....



  1. You have mentioned many words that interest me in this post...Victorian, Lehmans, Rose scent, Amish. I too love all things Victorian. Your crochet square is beautiful. The idea of making your own soap is something I have thought of doing myself someday. Good luck with your process and the sound of rose scent makes it all the more enticing. I have never been to an actual Lehmans Store; but I have looked at their internet sight. I have a couple of hurricane lamps or more in our home. I love them. And for the Amish White Bread; I have seen recipe's for that as well. I love that you just go for it and try new things. You never know unless you try. We had a beautiful Friday and Saturday; then the clouds returned and it has been a bit dark and dreary. Soon again the sun will shine. Wishing you a happy week!

  2. Hi Sandra. I'm always into something. I like doing the old fashioned things, if for nothing else it's a good belly laugh when I try. Thanks for stopping over.


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