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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Homemaking chit chat, to do, and this n that

Having a cuppa with you, pondering my day.
There are any number of things which need to get done..I'm trying to determine what is the 1st thing I should do. The dreaded irksome list !

I'll get something done off that list today....😏

I am definitely am going to make some overnight sourdough bread, I've got some ham/bone broth and will make some nice bean soup for tomorrow and Friday, it's going to be in the 30's. Nice crusty bread is so good with soup. 

Crinoline Lady all dressed for Fall!

I've got nothing on the hook....looking into that. I'm a little tired of the cake yarn, and need a break.
Maybe something in thread? hmm we'll see. 

Are any of you crocheters out there a member of the Crochet Guild of America?Thinking of joining.

May make some homemade hot rolls for Thanksgiving....I usually do but am having oven issues....wanted to buy a new stove...nobody has the one I want in stock. And why? all of the sudden you pay more for a white stove, than stainless or black? 

What kind of stove do you have?  I wanted one with the 5th burner. Maytag has them...out of stock.

Have a wonderful Day !

Monday, November 4, 2019

Homemaking chit chat & finished Crochet project.

Stopping to break for a few minutes. I'm running out of steam, Supper to be made yet, and my chaueffer duties for my boys.

Chilli is on the menu tonight, tomorrow if there are leftovers chilli dogs. I've got some ham broth with the bone thawing for some ham n bean soup later in the week. It's going to be great soup weather.

We went to the orchard for probably the last time this year, and I picked up another 1/2 peck of Cortland apples. This morning, first thing ( after coffee), they were peeled and sliced for pie at a later date. I have them flash freezing, and then I'll toss them in the bag with the others. 

I find peeling and chopping AND making the crust rather an irksome task. The last pie I made I used some apples which I peeled and froze last time we went to the orchard. I had only to  make the crust..that was easy as pie. Laundry was folded and put away, and dishes and vaccum are checked off, bird feeder filled, and some treats tossed out for my "deer friends" to snack on.  Some fresh apple cores and peels. It windy...something is coming.....

The weekend tends to get away from me, we are all off routine, and so on Monday....
there is so serious straightening up to do.   I feel better when things are more tidy...we have a small place and it just looks out of control. The bedroom and bathroom for another day...we'll be having easy suppers, and I can devote more time.
chauffer, supper, dishes, crochet time for the remainder of this day. If I have enough yarn, which I don't  think I do, but I've begun a scarf to go with the cowl. A  moving hook is a happy hook.
Taking a moment chatting with you...I have finished the crochet cowl....
I will give it to DH for his birthday in a  few weeks.


Saturday, November 2, 2019

Crochet Update & what's for supper !

Hello One & All !
How are all of you today?

I got an early start today with my kitchen duties. I decided to make sweet and sour pork, rice,and Chinese dumplings.

I had bought the pork earlier in the week to make "City Chicken". I don't know where you all are, but here  where I live this is actually pork cut up. It can be breaded and placed on skewers which are included with the meat and then fried. chicken is pork!  I love origins of things, and wonder where this came from. If you have it in your area and it's called something different I'd like to hear.

So..I started out making that, but yesterday, while shopping I picked up won ton wraps, and some ground beef,pork & veal, and the meal kind of evolved. I had already in the old pantry some chunk pineapple, and fresh garden peppers frozen in the freezer.
Dinner done! Well, it is prepped. I'm steaming the dumplings now, and will brown them up closer to supper. 
On...the crochet front....
This little cowl has been frogged so many times...✋😕  
I'm not working with a pattern, I'm challenging myself to make one. 

I think I have it now, and it appears to be almost done. ( I think)😒

It is a cowl/neck/shoulder kind of thing...He is always complaining about the draft on his neck, and his shoulders. I have to measure it once more to check for length. I have not yet went through the entire cake of the DK Color, but am getting close. This may be a nice one skein project.

I'll update this when I'm finished with the project, and you will find it in the "Crochet Basket" tab at the top of the blog. This is where I hope to add all future designs. They will be slow in coming as this is still very new to me, taking baby steps.  

A little crochet scarecrow I made some years ago. My original blog, this one was named Crochet by the Sea. Two of my favorite things, Crochet & the Sea. Some dayI hope to move my hook at the beach near the Sea/Ocean...

Monday, October 28, 2019

Tinkering with yarn,making something pretty

Been moving the hook, making progress on the crochet cowl for my husband.
I mentioned in the last posting that  I was using cake yarn for the first time. I've seen it around for some time, and I guess I thought it was just variegated yarn. 

It is variegated in that it has multiple colors to the skein, however it is the placement on the strand which I believe makes it different than "variegated". 

I'm am using DK Colors, it is a 3 weight yarn, something else which is new to me, normally I work with the 4 weight yarn, my preference is Caron Simply Soft, and I also like Soft Secret by Hobby Lobby, respectively.

Review of the DK Colors:
383 yards/350m, 5oz/140 grams
Color Nimbus

Premier DK Colors Yarn | Nimbus | 5 oz | 100% Acrylic
 I am using a size 4.0 mm F hook, which is what the yarn calls for. 
I've got about 3 rows of the pattern done, the color changes are subtle, and line up, they are not random hodge podge colors within the pattern, which is what I was looking for.  

So far, I am pleased with the yarn, it is soft, and the advantage of the cake roll is that it doesn't roll all over, and sit nice and flat on the table while I'm crocheting. 

I've not yet run into any snags or knots. One thing..which occured to me quite by accident. They are not all wound the same, so the center of one may a different color than another skein. I purchased two skeins. One had gray in the center, and the other was the lighter blue gray. So I had an option of which color to begin with.

Here is what this looks like so far, after I've been through a few colors.  
This isn't actually what I've wound up, I changed up the pattern, and re made it. This was the first skein, it began with the shades of  blue, I had crocheted it flat. 

I don't have a picture yet of the one I'm almost done with. I did crochet that in the round, using this same stitch.  

Saturday, October 26, 2019

How do you learn a new skill? How about Crochet?

When you learn something new, are you a visual, learn by doing, or do you read how to do it? I would say that I am a combination of the first two. I prefer to watch first, then do. Reading, not so much, I  find I must read it over and over. 

I've had some folks comment about crochet. Some of you already know how, some of you know basic stitches and a little more, ( my catagory) and some of you are expert crochet and very experienced in a variety of stitch combinations. We are all at different places, it is the beauty of the craft. 
The foundation chain ( CH) is probably the most important stitch you will need to know if you want to crochet anything. Everything begins with a foundation, the (ch) st is the beginning of it all.

In the video below, you will learn how to do this most basic stitch (st). I have watched a few of the videos from New Stitch  A Day, I find them easy to follow, and I'm one of the people who like voices, and I find his to be soothing and calm. Yes, this is taught by a man. Very easy going, slow, and easy to follow. The nice thing about video is that you can stop it, replay and learn on your own time.   

If you've considered learning to crochet,  you begin with the first stitch. So get you some yarn, and a hook, watch and practice. It really is not hard at all, and you will have countless hours of joy and relaxation from moving the hook.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Tinkering with yarn, making something pretty

 OK..all you gals my age remember Tom Jones....
MY MY MY.......... Medallion Doily.....
Do you remember the song?
MY MY MY........?

Hee Hee a little Tom Jones lingo there!

I have no idea where the idea of TJ came from....Oh well we'll roll with it anyway.

Well this worked up so quickly. 
I had just enough stash, it's quite colorful no?
I found hoop at Micheals, I think that I will display it as a wall decoration. 
Because of the center rose, it cannot be displayed from the back side, not as pretty.
I don't want to go haywire and make a thousand of them. But it was a nice simple joy to move my hook and use crochet thread, rather than yarn.

Do any of you shop at AC Moore? 
They don't carry crochet thread??????????
What is that all about?
Well, maybe it's good, as then I'll use what I have before I buy one more. I have a pretty nice selection maybe about 10 skeins,it really is enough to make just about anything with.
I enjoy working with the thread. And will for a time...and then the yarn will come back out, and the bigger hook and give my eyes a rest.

I think we are going the hoop way....the hoop is silver metal, and so. I'll get some white of preferably off white spray paint, it will make a better finished product. When that part is done. I will afix the doily to the hoop. 

Have a wonderful day!

Could be a better picture...I'll show and tell again when it's all done. 

Thursday, October 17, 2019

A little hook moving, this time with thread.

Hello one & all dearies...

What's news with you? What's on our Agenda for today? 

Fall has arrived in all it's glory, yesterday and today we have Autumn skies, the coolness in the air, and some needed rain. It's comfy time. We close out the neighborhood noises, settle into to longer,cooler days. 
Some hook moving on the thread crochet rose medallion mandala yesterday, and today a little more. It will be done soon. It has been an easy and enjoying pattern. Not overly complicated. Those of you who crochet know what I mean.  Not alot of thinking, or excessive stitches, and yet it is a lovely pattern, using stash, only 1 new color was required. 

The change from yarn to crochet thread is a nice change. I think thread is my first love. I like yarn things too, but have not worked with thread in a long time. Once my eyes adjust to the hook and thread size. 

Happy little pumpkins.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Crochet is on the mind, and also on the hook

 I love deliveries...
Today...a new vacuum, no more aerobic exercise to clean up the house :)  The vacuum I currently have never worked right from the get go...I hope we have better luck with this one...and as luck would have it, in my color Burgundy.Simple Joy....
  I hear the mailman right back.
Tomorrow...shades of pink crochet thread should arrive. It came from state over, and 7 days later...go figure. I ordered the vacuum after the thread. But anyway...I love deliveries.... I can get to working on the crochet mandala...
Did I ever show you the cross my heart shawl I had made last year? I've started another with a different pattern, it's offset shells ( one of my favorites). This one pictured is done in a fan pattern. 

I so enjoy making these. The pattern can be found here
J's knit and purl jam. Oh J does lovely work both knitting and crocheting. Stop over and see for yourself.  Miss J is a joy, I enjoy visiting with her in her beautiful craft room.

Friday, October 11, 2019

BLOG FOG & moving the hook slightly


Oh for heavens sake, I'm in a blog fog. I've been visiting around with you ladies, keeping current. 

I've been enjoying the "fall like" weather, we've had beautiful days and nights here in NE Ohio. I did manage to get some garlic planted before the freeze date. I hope Earl that Squirrel and his kin don't dig it up. They've been very busy....I wonder if that is a sign about the weather to come.
I tried to get crafty with some yarn, but wasn't feeling it. I hauled out some crochet thread out of the mobile craft room ( the tub), I have not worked with thread in some time. And I did pick up 2 cakes of DK Colors in the color of Tulip
 Image result for dk colors tuliip 
It's pretty, but for now no idea what I will make with it. I started a cross your heart shawl in Heather, just not feeling it for now. I'll get back to it.  I know I'm way behind the curve, but I've become
interested in Crochet Mandalas. I've learned that Mandala's are the new doily.

I still admire and love the original doilies, however the Mandala's are lovely in their own way,
are loaded with color and sometimes texture, the web is full of ideas. I found one, which I liked, and had seen when it originally came out, but I wasn't ready to make it then, created by a blogger friend of long ago, I have followed her, and made several of her patterns. The header of the Thanksgiving Angel was created by Elizabeth White of Bella Crochet

Image result for bella crochet rose medallion mandala doily 

Isn't this pretty. I have a fondness of the Crochet Rose in the center of doilies. I'm working on this doily now, from my stash, although I did order some shaded pink variegated crochet thread from

I have 3 craft stores near my home, not included Walmart. None of these had the color I was looking for. So I ordered it online. I rather like ordering online, and having things delivered to the house. Rather than running from one store to the next in search of.... What I spend in shipping, I will have wasted in gas, time, and energy. Easy peasy. 

That is my story...I'm sticking to it!
Have a good weekend.


Friday, September 20, 2019

 I've not said it often enough, but
Thank you for taking time to visit here with me,
and leave your calling card.
It always make me smile when I hear from you.
I do appreciate your well wishes, and your visits.
Thank you!

Well, a little organization was done this week.
That bathroom closet...oh my. 
I guess I just got tired of things falling out and hitting my foot.
It looks so much better now, 
things were tossed. ( many things)
How long I wonder will it stay that way.? hmmmm?

On to the next....oh, I have no list. These are my when I feel like irksome tasks. Cleaned the bathroom while I'm at it. Oh it needs an overhaul, everything. On the fix & repair list, on the list. 

Feel better when I get things done. What's left for today is dishes, supper and more dishes. Pick one child up drop another off. 

Did I do everything? No, but I got something accomplished. Energy left over to get what I must do
I'd like to crochet something, the old hook has been silent, since I made the gingham table runner. I found some yarn I like at Walmart online for a good price, but have made nothing.  The squirrels are busy these days burying the winter bounty. They are busy all day doing that, cute little packrats.

I washed the afghans and the winter wrap I made last year for the really cold days. It's nice today, they are outside enjoying some sun shine. 

I couldn't take the hip pain any more, so I ordered Relief Factor. I must admit, the pain is gone and I feel like moving more. I'll continue with the  subscription. It's all natural, organic ingredients and it took care of that pain, which kept me from sleeping. It works on the inflammation. 

Well, let's see what else I can get into 😁

Monday, August 19, 2019

I like the look of Gingham in any form

Image result for gingham place at crochet
Pattern Here

In the far off but not to far, I hear another rumble of thunder. We've had 3 pretty decent rain showers fall this afternoon, wave after wave. Everything has been freshened up and perked up. 
Me, I've been fiddeling around with crochet and yarn. Can't get it just right, and keep trying. 
Have you ever heard of Tapestry Crochet?
You work with 2 colors at a time, and you carry the one your not using for that particular square along the top and crochet over it. 

I'm not sure what I will use this for, maybe a fall table runner, I'd like to use as much of the 3  3oz skeins as possible before calling it a day. I would like to put a border around it with the multi color.This is all done in basic  (sc). Single Crochet.
Lots of rain showers and thunderboomer the last 2 days, although it has not cooled off,
ever so humid.  

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Steaming...not from the weather

Oh, I'm not complaining about the weather we are having, it is beautiful summertime, perfect in every respect, warm and pleasant during the day, and beautious for sleeping at night. If I could order weather to my liking this would be the ticket. 

Steaming the crochet shell/scarf on my wee tabletop iron board. She looks much prettier steamed. I was concerned she wasn't long enough and it was all bunched up while I was working on it. I started it I don't know how many times, changed colors, changed hooks. And eventually settled in to the color, and hook size I would normally used for a project such as this. My old reliable G. 
I crochet on the looser side , to go up a size or even two in hooks, the work looks sloppy.

Crochet Lace shawl/scarf

Pondering what will be next on the hook. 
thinking fall, pumpkins, doily,wreaths hmmm. I don't have a fall crochet table doily, maybe something with a pumpkin. I have a pattern for stacked pumpkins made out of crochet thread, and you put mini lights in it. I'll have to dig that out. I'm sure I have lots of Orange thread from the last pattern. 

Look how cute these are I love me some punkins!💛
Wouldn't these be ever so done in a tan/brownish, they would look like grapevine wreaths?
I have both colors, but for now I'll see how my punkin orange lasts.

These are created by Joyce Geisler and pattern can be found on Ravlery.
Here is her blog addy: to see all  the goodies.
 Farmers Wife Crochet
 Lighted pumpkin sculpture

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Simple Joys & Crochet Update

The bottomless clothes basket...😒
even in here I can find something joyful, ( sometimes) today it was cloth napkins. 
I don't have alot of them, they are good to have around when we want a more elegant table for holidays, or when the papers ones just won't do the job. 

I enjoy folding small things, like when the boys were small, folding their small little clothes neatly, or pairing their wee tiny socks...a simple joy. Napkins are like that for me. 

As I folded this one, I remembered where I had bought it,and how the pattern did then as now make me feel. There is something just ever so sweet about the patchwork of the mixed patterns and complimentary colors.It just brings me such joy, anytime I find anything like this. 
A little wrinkly, but still pretty. I got these at Old Time Pottery some years ago. 

Lovely Patchwork Cloth Napkins 

The shawl/scarf in my lovely Rosebud (now sadly discontinued )😢 

That's it for today, it's hot again, had some rain...still hot.

Friday, July 5, 2019

For Pretty Crochet Potholders

Greetings ! Welcome! 
Today, keeping light hearted and fanciful!
Hope your 4th of July was full of Patriotism, Parades & Picnics.
A few "vintage" style crochet potholders I'll be sharing with you today. Love these little darlin's, but they are for pretty, not for function. 

I made the one on the left & right, the middle one was a gift from a blogger friend from days gone by, her blog is still up, but she's not posted in awhile.Crochet Galore,
I have a special fondness for those with the Irish Crochet Rose in the lovely. 
Have a Beauty! 

Friday, June 28, 2019

Tinkering with yarn, making pretty things

Howdy Do?

Here it is almost the weekend again 😃 that means we are going to the farmers market, out in the country.....can't wait. Getting out of old citified Dodge, and out where the earth touches the sky, the sweet smell of the wildflowers and hay, and where birds of a different kind have a new song in their step.

I know that we want to purchase some honey, there is a lady there who manages bees, and sells honey. We like the Cinnamon honey. She also has raw honey, and combs. So good, and so good for you. 💛 I wonder if the lady with the herb plants will be there?  

In a few weeks will be Scout summer camp, and I'll have the run of the place, and I'll make the beeswax candles. That week frees me up a bit, and takes me out of my usual routine. By the time the week passes I'll want them to come home....won't I ?   Well I always do I suppose. It's good to get back into a routine, I can't be a slacker every day hmmmm?

I made this crochet piece some time ago, I use it mainly in the kitchen, and it was made with itty bits, scraps of yarn.

Yesterday we were at the "W", and I found a round tablecloth, I'm always looking for round ones, never having much luck. I didn't want a vinyl one, but one of cloth. I came across the Pioneer Woman section and find this lovely.

 I actually have a little lunch tote to carry my water and snacks in when I'm out and about, with the very same patter. Who knew they would match so nicely, it wasn't planned. If I had been looking for something to match....I'd still be looking..sometimes it's best to let go....and wait for the magic. 

I'm working on a summer shawl/scarf. If you've been around for a while here at my place you know I like and follow J's knit and purl jam. And she is currently working on this pattern. I have one skein of this color, I believe it is biscuit by Yarn bee secret soft/Hobby Lobby. I may need 1 more skein, we'll see how this shakes out.

J's knit & purl jam for a tutorial on how to make it.

Remember the Holy Basil?  With the exception of one sprig it is dead. I transplanted it to a clay pot, and noticed the root system is very young, the plants were leggy, not much root. I planted what was  left of it outside. I kept one little sprig which I thought had a chance, put it in water and it is sprouting a new set of leaves, and the roots are getting longer, so I am hopeful I have saved it.  It has grown 2 new leaves, which are growing daily.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Happy Monday

Welcome In!

My "little" yard birds

Hope your weekend was enjoyed the way you intended it to be.

We started off early for Amish country, cooler in the back as is our usual protocol. 

For as pretty as a day it was, I don't think I've ever seen it so pleasant to get around, except when the weather is cold. No traffic jams, no lines, not even alot of people milling about the small town of Berlin. We stopped for lunch, hit the antique mall, and then Walnut Creek Store. I like to buy the bulk spices, and while they have everything you can think of...I stick to the same, that's what I use. 
Garlic powder, coarse black pepper, peppercorns, chilli powder, basil and cumin, and yeast.  Fresh local strawberries, for strawberry shortcake, I used a wee bit of the Lemon Verbena sugar to sweeten them up a bit. It's always so nice to get away from suburbia....the problem is....we have to come back. oh bother ! 

No big finds or surprise items this time, but I did find this little gem. Now that I can make biscuits like nobody's business, I got an official "antique" biscuit cutter, I've been using a glass which works fine...but you know what "THEY" whoever they are say....the right tool for the right job.. So I got a little trinket.

 My "new" lovely vintage biscuit  cutter 

It was warm and balmy with a nice breeze, "THEY" again....predicted 80% rain for the area, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Later in the evening, we did get some rain, and some rumbles of thunder which continued all night long...a nice gentle rain, my little potted sweeties got a nice drink.
When we got home, my little Holy Basil plant had arrived.😊 DH had some training this morning on a vehicle, he is a driver for the VA. So when he gets home we'll have some fresh biscuits, eggs and bacon. Looks like more rain...   

We have a momma Robin and her baby, they visit every day. I love to watch them, they are here now, baby stays close to momma, and learns how to find food. The first few days, the little still had it's downy spotted feathers, momma would leave her for a while, and the babe would just stand there and call out for her.  Today, they shared a nice meal, and momma flew off, the little one just continued to find food and move about. God put the natural instinct of caring for young in all creatures..

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

whispers of a new crochet project

Hello and Howdy do!

There is a rumor that tomorrow will be in the 70's, after 2 days of rain and 40's, I hope it's not a rumor. Sometimes I am in the right place at the right time, more often I am not. I am old school, I still like paper magazines, and books that you can turn the pages. I like to purview all the magazines at the grocery store, I have a few that I like to look for and sometimes I buy them. This time, I found one and for a crocheter of thread hit a jackpot. I had no idea this magazine even existed, it is the first time I ever saw it. I wonder if they have a subscription for just this magazine? There were no cards inside like you see with other magazines. And it is full of content not ads, how refreshing is that?

It is by Crochet World
Image result for fun with color in thread 
I do not "usually" purchase crochet magazines, but I've never seen one for thread and so this was a simple joy and snapped it up. I saw something in there which caught my eye.

It is a collapsable tote, I had to find the rings, I went to JoAnns today and picked up 2, they were $4.99, but they were 50% no coupon, they had alot of sales, but I bought what I went for. I have plenty enough of crochet thread.  If it goes well, and I have no reason to doubt it won't, maybe I'll make a few more and sell them at the local farmers market. I learned a new stitch today, one I had never heard of before.
It is called a linked dbl stitch, I had to look it up on You Tube for a video to get it down, I guess I am a visual learner, it isn't a hard stitch, it's much like a DC only more durable.
Guess you can teach an old dog a new trick! 


 I'm making this first one with a aqua thread, and a varigated thread with blues,aqua,yellow and pinks brand spanking new never used. This is made double stranded, it should be good and sturdy. I especially like the little flower on the side.

Have a beauty.....

Friday, April 19, 2019

Happy Easter every bunny!

Girl feeding white rabbits jelly belly candy tin
A little flashback..
Raise your hand if you remember.....
white patten leather shoes, that made that special sound..
Wearing a special dress for Easter, with your white patten leather shoes and purse to match...
And who could forget the Easter hats, so pretty, but they had that elastic string around the chin.
Getting to wear your Easter finery the first school day after Easter, all the girls had the white paten leather shoes....and we all looked so pretty.
It was awesome being a girl in the 1960's,

It was/is fun being a girl/woman/lady, and dressing up for Holidays.  

Sweet memories!

I'll be busy in my kitchen today,making Paska Bread, boiling eggs, and getting things ready. Some things will go in the basket and be blessed at Church on Saturday for the basket blessing. 

 Image result for victorian easter basket